Prayers and Readings


For the next few weeks we will be studying some of the

Prophets in the Old Testament


SUNDAY           October 8th:     Joel 1

Pray for the countries where famine is at its height at the moment, and pray that the crops can be saved.


Monday           October 9th:     Joel 2

Pray for the people affected by cholera and other diseases across the world.


Tuesday           October 10th:   Joel 3

Pray for the places where discord and turmoil is affecting the peace of the nation.


Wednesday     October 11th   Amos 1

Pray for Israel and Palestine and the war that has raged for many years, may there be a solution soon.


Thursday         October12th:    Amos 2

Pray for the people who condemn Christianity and will not listen to the message of the Gospel, praying that they will respect the right of Christians to worship freely.


Friday              October 13th:   Amos 3

Pray for people who preach the Gospel faithfully, even in dangerous and fraught situations across the world.


Saturday          October 14th:   Amos 4

Pray for people who struggle against addictions, particularly alcohol and drugs.


SUNDAY           October 15th:    Amos 5

Pray for all the members of the armed services across the world, but especially those serving in places of heightened conflict at the moment.


Monday           October 16th:   Amos 6

Pray for people who have been driven from their homes due to conflict, and have lost livelihoods and family as a result.


Tuesday           October 17th:  Amos 7

Pray for the people who are the visionaries in our Church, those who come up with exciting and forward looking ideas, may they be encouraged to take their ideas forward.


Wednesday     October 18th: Amos 8

Pray for people in need today, those who will be using Foodbanks or applying for benefits, may they find the help they need.


Thursday         October 19th:   Amos 9

Pray for those who are negotiating peace deals in a whole variety of situations, locally, nationally or internationally, praying that peace can be restored in our world.


Friday              October 20th:   Obadiah

Pray that those who wage war against others would cease, particularly the people in ISIS who wreak such distress upon our world.


Saturday          October 21st:   Jonah 1

Consider a time when you have disobeyed God, what did you do? How did you feel? Share these feelings with God in your prayers today.


SUNDAY           October 22nd       Jonah 2

Pray for people who are seeking love, understanding and forgiveness and do not know who to turn to. Pray that they would find help and support in their local church.


Monday           October 23rd:   Jonah 3

Pray for people who need to change their mind today, who need to turn to God rather than behave in a way that would dishonour him.


Tuesday           October 24th:   Jonah 4

Anger and injustice can affect us all. Think of a time when you were angry, maybe it is anger you feel at the moment, share your thoughts in your prayers today, seeking peace of mind for yourself and others.


Wednesday     October 25th:   Micah 1

There are many countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith. Give thanks for the work of the Barnabas charity who support and advocate on behalf of Christians in these situations.


Thursday         October 26th : Micah 2

Pray for the injustice that is happening today in countless towns, villages and cities where the poor cannot get out of poverty while the rich prosper.


Friday              October 27th:   Micah 3

Pray for the leaders of all the nations across the world, praying that they will act with integrity and fairness.

Saturday          October 28th:   Micah 4

Pray that the message of this chapter would be a reality soon, that there would be no more wars or conflicts that cause death and destruction.


SUNDAY           October 29th:   Micah 5

Pray for worship leaders who are beginning to prepare for the Advent season, may this be a time of reflection of the joy, peace and inspiration of the birth of Jesus Christ.


Monday           October 30th:   Micah 6

Pray that our churches will overflow with people who show love and compassion for others, and live in harmony together.


Tuesday           October 31st:   Micah 7

Give thanks for the forgiveness that God has shown to you, and pray for those you need to forgive at the moment.