Prayers and Readings

Our theme for August is

Giving time to God

“Behold I stand at the door and knock”


Tuesday            August 1st:                 James 2

Pray for people in our community who do not have the basic resources for living, but are helped by projects such as the Foodbank.



Wednesday                August 2nd:        Jude 1

“Keep yourselves in the love of God” says this chapter. Consider how you do this, and pray for guidance about how this could develop in the future.



Thursday           August 3rd:         Ephesians 5

How can you make the best use of the time you can offer to God? Do you need to change some things? Would training or additional learning help? Offer your thoughts to God today in your prayers.


Friday                August 4th:         Titus 1

Think of the people you know who give their time freely, without counting the cost, and give thanks for them today.


Saturday            August 5th:         1 John 3

Consider the news stories at the moment that are about people in need. Who are the people who could change this situation? Pray for them, asking God to touch their hearts.


SUNDAY            August 6th:         2 Corinthians 2

Pray for people who share the Good News of the Gospel in their community through the work they do, and the actions they take.


Monday             August 7th:         Revelation 3

Jesus knocks on the door of people’s lives because He wants to come in to their hearts and be a living and loving presence each day. Pray for those who do not want to open the door and are closed to his love.


Tuesday            August 8th:         Galatians 2

Jesus gave his life for all of us. This was the ultimate sacrifice. What can we do to show him how much we love him?


Wednesday                August 9th:         John 6

Pray today for people who are trying to work out who, or what, they believe in. Pray that they will find help and support from the right people, at the right time.


Thursday           August 10th:       John 20

What an incredible sight it must have been to have Jesus standing in front of you following his resurrection! Who are the people you hope will understand this incredible moment and turn to him in faith and love? Pray for them today.


Friday               August 11th:       Psalm 20

Trusting in God, and in his plans for you is a mark of faith. What do you need to trust God with at the moment? Tell him about this in your prayers today.


Saturday           August 12th:       Ecclesiastes 3

There is a time for everything, whether that is working, resting, studying, cleaning or shopping. There is also a time to be still, to make time for God. In your prayers today give thanks for the time you offer to him.


SUNDAY            August 13th:       Matthew 6

Many people are seeking meaning in their life, some achieve this through relationships, others through work or leisure pursuits. Others are wondering what their life is all about. Pray for those who are confused, uncertain or unsure about the direction that life is taking.


Monday             August 14th:       1 Thessalonians 5

Making time for God can be hard, especially when there are lots of demands on you. But we can combine prayer with lots of other things, such as gardening, ironing or cleaning! Talk with God in prayer as you carry out these tasks, treat him as your confidante and friend, sharing with him all your joys, worries and concerns.


Tuesday            August 15th:       Hosea 10

Pray for people who are struggling with their faith, perhaps they have hit hard times and feel God is very distant from them. It is at these times that he is closest, but we can’t always feel that, ask that God would strengthen anyone you know in this situation.


Wednesday                August 16th:       Matthew 22

Pray for people who are needing encouragement at this time, particularly those who feel they do not deserve to be happy or have success.


Thursday           August 17th:       Colossians 4

Making the best use of our time can be a challenge. Life has a habit of getting in the way of study and prayer time. Spend five minutes today in the peace and quiet of your garden, a park or a quiet room and allow yourself to be still and to sense God’s presence.


Friday               August 18th:       2 Timothy 2

Give thanks today for those who stand up for their faith, and are not afraid to share their views and opinions with those outside the church family, even if it means being condemned or derided for their faith.


 Saturday           August 19th:       2 Timothy 3

Pray for those who work on translating scripture into local languages and dialects. Scripture is the word of God, and having a Bible in your own language helps with understanding and knowledge. Remember the Wycliffe Translators in your prayers today.


SUNDAY            August 20th:           Psalm 62

Time is a cherished gift. Sometimes it is too slow, other times it goes too fast. Pray for people you know for whom time is a pressing issue at the moment.