After Manchester

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  [John 10:10]


The horrific atrocity in Manchester is meant to cause fear, anger, hatred, division and violent reaction, but the response of the community in acts of compassion and kindness, in volunteering to serve and care for those immediately affected and those seeking to care for them, in standing together ‘as one’ against the violent extremists, demonstrates once again that ‘love will always conquer fear and hatred’.We mourn with those that mourn.  Our hearts go out to those who have had family and friends killed or injured.  We pray that the ‘God of all comfort’ will comfort them as only He can, and we pray that the effects of the trauma – physical and emotional – will be rapidly healed.This another ‘wake up call’ to the Church.  We are called to be ‘watchmen on the walls’ looking out for enemy activity.  May we all play our part in praying for the protection of our communities and nation, and ‘pray without ceasing’.


Please pray:

  • for the safety, security and protection of every community, especially for places where large numbers gather for sport or social events, and for transport systems;

  • for our political leaders – that they would have God’s wisdom to know what to say and do in these days, and for the protection of all in public office and their families;

  • for the safety and protection of the Police and security services, and of any Army personnel involved, who are on the ‘front line’ and face the prospect of giving their lives to ensure our safety;

  • that every single plan of the enemy would be uncovered and foiled before it can be implemented;

  • for the Muslim communities in our towns and cities – that they would have dreams, visions and other divine encounters with Jesus, revealing to them just who He is and transforming their lives.


From “Pray for Scotland”