Prayer Call

Guide the people of this land,

and all the nations,

in the ways of justice and peace;

that we may honour one another

and serve the common good

surrounded by Your blessings and love.



Prayers for daily use.




For ourselves and our response to God, pray : –


  • that He will refresh us and cleanse us, forgive us our past mistakes and restore our relationship with Him;

  • that we would find blessing and encouragement as we worship Him in His house with His people;

  • that we would seek to bless and encourage others whom we meet, looking out for those in need of comfort or friendship;

  • that He would show us where in our lives we need to change so that we might serve Him better;

  • that the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit would be with us in all we do, giving us a real sense of His presence in our lives.




For our children and families pray : –


  • for nurseries and play groups, schools and colleges:

  • for young folk leaving home to go to university or college or into employment;

  • for young people struggling with addictions of any kind – drugs, gambling, eating disorders;

  • for those struggling on low incomes or facing homelessness or unemployment;

  • for single parents trying to meet all the demands of family life alone;

  • for our children and grand children and for our parents and grandparents.




  For those in authority, pray : –


  • for our Parliaments in Edinburgh, London and Europe;

  • for local government, especially for matters which really affect us;

  • for the police and the justice system: for all who protect and defend us locally;

  • for the victims of crime and for those in prison.

For the Media, pray : –


  • that news and information be given with truth and integrity;

  • that the content, language and images of programmes and publications be appropriate for all.





For those in need of care and for the carers, pray : –


  • for the sick, the hurting, especially those who are closest to you;

  • the elderly and the lonely and those who feel unwanted and unloved;

  • for those who have terminal illnesses, in hospices, and for those who worry about their

  • loved ones;

  • for hospitals, clinics, surgeries, dentists and pharmacie and all who work in them;

  • for the Emergency Services and especially for those who risk their own lives for the sake of others;

  • for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease;

  • for children with behavioural problems.




For the world of work, pray : –


  • for businesses, shops, offices, factories and other work places near you ;

  • for Careers Advisers, those working in J ob Centres and employment agencies that they seek the best for their clients;

  • for people who have been made redundant and for those seeking work;

  • for integrity, truth and understanding, and good relations between employers and

  • employees;

  • for companies who are trying to expand and recruit new workers and apprentices.




For the local area, the nation and the world, pray : –


  • for issues particularly affecting your local area;

  • for your neighbours, especially those you do not really like;

  • for those striving to rebuild our communities;

  • for people in other lands especially where war, natural disasters, poverty, illness, oppressive regimes and religious intolerance cause suffering;

  • for folk who are separated from loved ones;

  • for our Armed Forces, especially those on active service and those who are “peace keepers”;

  • for families going through difficult times and especially where divorces and separations

  • involve children.



For your church and church family, pray : –


  • for your Minister and the Kirk Session, that they will be filled with the power of the

  • Holy Spirit and know God’s will for your church and people;

  • for real fellowship and unity within the congregation and within all the committees and groups;

  • for the Holy Spirit to be at work in the community through the witness of your

  • members;

  • for an outpouring of the Spirit throughout the Kirk and a revival in our nation;

  • for the churches near-by including those of different denominations;

  • for forgiveness for the sins of our Nation;

  • for His Kingdom to come, in our time and land.