James Bissett and Susan Cord were members of Linktown Church and did many of their training placements within Kirkcaldy Presbytery. We wish James and Susan God’s blessing in their respective ministries. From the Church of Scotland website: 

A married couple were ordained as Church of Scotland ministers at the same “beautiful and moving” service. Susan Cord and James Bissett of Cowdenbeath, Fife were warmly welcomed into the Presbytery of Ross at Knockbain Church in Munlochy near Inverness on Saturday. The couple, who are both 40, said they were both thrilled to be embarking on a new adventure together. Mr Bissett said: “This afternoon was a joy filled occasion, full of love and warmth. “It was a beautiful service which was very moving and even those of our friends and family with little or no church connection felt very much part of and at home in. “For that, we are very grateful to Ross Presbytery. “We are excited by the prospect of becoming part of this community, working with the congregations of Killearnan and Knockbain, and with our colleagues in the wider Ross Presbytery.” Ms Cord will lead the linked charge of Killearnan and Knockbain churches as a Minister of Word and Sacrament while her husband is an Ordained Local Minister who will work directly for the presbytery on a part-time, voluntary basis while continuing to study at Highland Theological College in Dingwall. The role of the OLM is to lead worship, preaching and offer pastoral support – living in and being known by the local community where the Parish minister is not regularly around. Ms Cord, who studied theology at New College in Edinburgh, said: “It is an exciting and somewhat scary next step on a journey I have been on since I was three years old – the age I told my mum I wanted to go to church.” Mr Bissett, who expects to finish his training in 2019, will work where ever he is needed in Ross Presbytery. He said he and his wife were a good team and bounced ideas off each other. Mr Bissett added: “The after dinner conversation can be a bit theological sometimes but we are quite good maintaining a balance and creating space.” The couple will live in the manse attached to Ms Cord’s charge with their two gerbils, Caper and Caillie.