Auchtertool Kirk

Auchtertool Kirk is linked with Linktown Church, Kirkcaldy

Auchtertool Kirk stands out by it’s quirky rural character, it’s relaxed, informal, gracious, caring, genuine.
Auchtertool Kirk also offers an earlier time of Sunday worship: 9:30 am.
It sits in rolling countryside with stunning views out to the Firth of Forth, very many comment on the sense of peace of this place.
Our motto: “all are welcome in this place”. Many have found here a new place of belonging, of friendship and caring. Everyone is accepted and welcomed regardless.
Children do get involved and there are play-corner toys and Young Church as required (after 15 min’s altogether). 
We care about everyone, especially in Auchtertool village and the surrounding rural area with farms and cottages. We mean EVERYONE. We are a “broad church”. 
Auchtertool Kirk sits on a hill outside the village, but is through it’s members and ministers deeply involved in the community. Also, we created a signposted ‘core path’ of 1 mile (20-30 minutes walk) from the village to the kirk.
We invite you to deepen your hope, faith and love.



Ministers:                                Rev Catriona Morrison and Rev Marc Prowe
Session Clerk:                         Mr Stewart Glasson
Representative Elder:              Mr Stewart Glasson