Strategy & Resourcing

Co-convenors – Sheila Dale-Pimentil and Rev Marc Prowe and team members, young and older than young – but we all like to think we can “think outside the box” and be creative.

… it’s about relationships. First and foremost. And then we seek a way of organising what serves good relationships.

… it’s about vision. From visions come strategies, from them plans, from plans comes the organising.

We do NOT want to put the needs of the organisation (it’s status quo) first, seek fitting plans, convenient strategies … and then be lost before we reach any vision at all.

Vision first, THEN seek strategies, create plans, organise.

Our team’s vision:

  1. put ‘kingdom issues’ central … following Jesus wherever …
  2. Relationships first – everyone equal before Christ.
  3. everyone is gifted – from God;
  4. fully in touch with local identity / ‘community’
  5. all parts of the body of Christ sharing;
  6. Presbytery is seen as having a positive attractive role
  7. congregations grasp the challenge and even get on board co-operatively:
  8. changing to a “narrative of growth”;
  9. a church presence in every community: mission stations, worship centres, house churches; variety, diversity. Every tribe, every culture – new ways to touch the hearts of all.
  10. Learning from the best ideas and visions around.


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Below follow proposals the S&R team brought before ‘Area Meetings, round 2’. After discussion at these meetings, delegates from congregations took these ‘home’ to discuss with their Kirk Sessions:

S&R proposals – Levenmouth 9Apr19

S&R proposals – Glenrothes 25Apr19

S&R proposals – Burtisland Kinghorn 1May19

S&R proposals – Kirkcaldy 15May19