Mission and Discipleship

 Convener – Rev Catriona Morrison


1.         Encourage and promote mission within congregations and through parish outreach.

2.         Facilitate and encourage the sharing of worship, pastoral care, learning and other congregational development resources.

3.         Assist in the organisation of training events and programmes in cooperation with regional and national staff

–           support the Presbytery appointed Adult Trainer

4.         Encourage the strengthening of prayer in congregations

–           support the Presbytery appointed Prayer Promoter

5.         Support Children’s  Ministry and Youth Ministry in congregations, making known the various training events, shared activities and other ventures.

6.         Ensure compliance with the Church of Scotland policy on Child Protection/Safeguarding.

–           support the Presbytery appointed Safeguarding Coordinator and Safeguarding Trainer.

7.         Manage arrangements for 5-yearly Superintendence visits to congregations.

8.         Encourage congregations to continue to give consideration to ‘Church without Walls’ initiatives.