Convener – Rev Eileen Miller

1. For all ministries (Ministers, Deacons, MDS staff, Ordained Local Ministers,
Readers etc)
– encourage recruitment
– supervise and support (as appropriate)
– organise pastoral care (including Candidates for the ministry & Probationers)
– promote and encourage continuing professional development.

2.       Be a link for Presbytery with Candidates for the ministry, Probationers,
OLM’s, and oversee the support of readers within Presbytery and monitor their performance and deployment.

3.        Be the point of contact for Church of Scotland arranging Presbytery
representatives to attend annual reviews of candidates and Probationers.

4.        Draft Contracts of Service for Ordained Local Ministers, Parish Associates and Readers and keep them under review.

5.          Support Interim Ministry and Interim ministers, including appointing
Presbytery representatives on Transition Support groups.

6.          Oversee Presbytery chaplaincy where appropriate and support Presbytery chaplains.

7.            Organise the annual retreat for Parish Ministers and the annual Pulpit Interchange Sunday.

8.            Oversee the Study Leave programme organised by the Ministries Council.

9.             Encourage the uptake of ministerial support and development via the Church of Scotland Ascend programme.

10.            Report on the progress of the cohort of ministers engaged in personal and professional development through a 3-year commitment to Macedonian Ministries.