Fabric and Finance

Convener – Rev Gilbert Nisbet


1.         Promote and encourage stewardship programmes, providing advice, literature and assistance.

–           liaise with the National Committee and Stewardship Promoters.

2.         Arrange annual inspection of congregational accounts to ensure compliance with Church of Scotland guidelines.

3.         Deal with Presbytery allocations to the Ministries Fund and respond to shortfalls.

4.         Give support to congregational treasurers, especially with respect to National requirements such as compliance with OSCR regulations.

5.         Organise the five-yearly survey programme for all Church buildings

–           monitor the responses of congregations to any points for action.

6.         Process applications for work on properties and make recommendations to Presbytery with respect to applications for grants or loans.

7.         Supervise all fabric improvement work; supervise repair and maintenance work in excess of the Resolution Limit, currently £20,000.

8.         Inspect congregational property registers annually.

9.         Carry out the inspection of vacant manses and make recommendations to congregations.

10.       Ensure that congregations comply with the regulations of, and the guidance from, the General Trustees.




Health and Safety Review – Health and Safety Review