Convener – Rev Robin McAlpine


1.         Set the agenda for Presbytery meetings.

2.         Maintain the Roll of Presbytery         (Clerk)

–           admissions, demissions, resignations, elders’ commissions

–           tributes to deceased ministers

3.         Nominate

–          standing committee conveners and members

–          ad hoc committee membership

–          Commissioners to the General Assembly

–          members to serve on G.A. Councils and Committees

–          Presbytery representatives, as required.

4.         Arrange Presbytery Services                (Clerk)

–           induction, ordination

–           commissioning, setting apart

5.         Deal with Petitions and Overtures.

6.         Propose allocations of General Assembly Remits.

7.         Ensure laws and practice of the Church are observed.

8.         Arrange the attestation of Presbytery Minutes and Congregational Records.   (Clerk)

9.         Presbytery Finance                  (Presbytery Treasurer)

–           prepare annual budget and set capitation fee

–           appoint independent examiner and finalise accounts.

10.       Communication

–          Website

–           e-news

11.       Arrange Presbytery Conferences and encourage fellowship.   Arrange a meal prior to a Presbytery meeting on an annual basis.

12.       Coordinate, encourage and monitor the operation of the Standing Committees.